Personalized Car Dealership

Our passion for race cars and exotic cars has inspired us to help other automobile enthusiast purchase their dream cars affordably. We want you to have a great experience when buying and owning an exotic. Our fleet continues to grow with a prestige collection of high performance luxury vehicles for you to purchase.

Storage, Care and Maintenance Services

As we acquired a vast collection of exotics, we faced a new challenge. How to properly store and care for these high maintenance cars? An exotic, like any other car, needs maintenance. They also need to be powered on and diagnosed on a weekly basis. To do this, we have assembled a team to take care of your car in our air conditioned facility. Regardless of the amount of cars you need stored and cared for, our team will always keep them clean and will cater to their every need.


We understand that it is not practical to go to the dealer and wait for hours to get your car serviced. That is why we can pick your car up in our custom made trailer and provide a white glove delivery to the dealer and back. Don’t put miles on your car and waste your time, we will do this for you!

The idea is to make things very simple and hassle free. Don’t worry about making sure you tires are in good condition, which one of your exotics has a full tank, or if the battery is dead. We will handle all of this for you, and when you are ready, bring it back or call for pick up.

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